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House of Mother Sp. z o. o
street Odyńca 69/30
02-644 Warsaw

NIP 5213940830
KRS 0000923865
REGON 520059054

Bartosz Bębenista

+48 790 202 358

The NewGranny portfolio is constantly developing, and at the time of implementation of current products, others are at an advanced stage. Advanced enough to plan the arrival of new products to you today.

Our offer is enriched by various forms of display and packaging that facilitate logistics or order fulfillment in line with expectations.

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Przyjaciele w parku na tle jesiennych drzew leżąc na trawie popijają napoje newgranny. W tle falują jesienne liście. Obrazek ma bardzo pozytywny nastrój. Radosne spojrzenia przy piciu napojów newgranny i wskazywanie napojów w strone kamery pokazuje jak smaczne są napoje wysokoproteinowe NewGranny.

Or maybe a colab?

We are open to cooperation. We invite companies from the food and food-related industries and universities to contact us
We don't have "it's impossible!"


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